Christmas Pudding………………..

Alright, I listened to this little tidbit provided by Audible,  this Christmas pudding is doing nothing for my appetite. However, listening to my favorite narrator tell us what it is and how to make it, kind of, sort of, may make me at least want to try it…Now,  if this man cooked it for me, gulp, I’d give it a shot…………………After a few cocktails…Enjoy “The Voice”.


I’m sorry Mr. Armitage, but this is the 5th time I’ve listened, and no, I’m not sure I could get this past my lips…………………Merry Christmas

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Uncle Richard Records Again

Borrowing this, hope its okay……

Guylty Pleasure

What a benign smile. Talk about a holistic approach. Really fits all those recent communications.

And very mysterious – “a special Audible story for Christmas”… for sale or for free? It’s time for a little freebie for your fans again, Richard. Just sayin.

ETA: Here is the moving image that goes with the static photo. Big thanks to Rita Maltese for RTing that (cos I was unable to see it on IG):

Oh, and on the topic of ‘just sayin’ – I nearly choked on my tea this afternoon when I noticed this ad on my YT home page:

The cock of the walk! No, but apparently BS is finally coming to Ireland…

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Happy Halloween !

Sweet little “selfie” on the sweetest night of the year !  Mr. Armitage rocking the shirt !!!!




Boo !


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Great interview with Richard Armitage

I too would like to see him in a really good SciFi role…See the link below for the entire interview….

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#RichardArmitage to Narrate The Bible

A must read, and I hope Perry doesn’t mind that I reblogged it..What a gem this is…

Armitage Agonistes

Oughtabull just announced that fan favorite narrator, Richard Armitage, is currently recordingThe Bible for its Really Classics Division. Oughtabull is being tight-lipped about which Bible Armitage will be narrating. Producer Chancy Jewell said,” on the one hand, we think Richard  reading Scriptures/Bible/Torah is great material for him and will capitalize on his dramatic ability.”

On the the other hand, release is expected around Christmas, and the New Testament ( Holy Bible) would give Armitage the challenge of individualizing, through his voices, a company of  12 characters who can be hard to distinguish – to wit – the Apostles. Ms. Jewell went on, “Richard has the perfect experience for this – it’s another version of Thorin Oakenshield and  his  company of Dwarves, who were more or less indistinguishable from one another. We think Richard can bring each apostle to life, so to speak.”

Industry insiders close to the…

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Here’s Another Present for #RichardArmitage, With Love

So our guy had another birthday and this lovely lady organized another auction, gathered the donated items, kept track of all the bids invoiced everything out with the monies going to one of Mr. A’s charities….A round of applause for this fantastic individual ! Thank you sweetie, well done..

Guylty Pleasure

There’s no monetary value attached to birthday wishes – in the sense that they are priceless, cannot be measured in financial terms. And yet I have a number to announce here that you have been waiting for since this afternoon. Apologies for taking so long, sending the eBay invoices, monitoring the payments and filing the addresses of the winners with the correct items has taken up all this time, and there was that annoying thing called ‘editorial deadline’ that got into the way, too. Before I present you our final tally, may I urge you to find a comfortable seat, and possibly hold your jaws, ’cause they might drop.

Our combined total of the 2018 RA Birthday Auctions is…

Here’s a little breakdown:

We received donations to the tune of 393.50 EUR. The e-mail auction of the Custom RAPS ended at 130 EUR. And the total of the auctions on…

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Giddy as a child again at Christmas

I must say, when a post appeared on Twitter, courtesy of Veloce, concerning a new Hobbit collectible, I was stunned by what I saw when I clicked on the image of my King…So amazed was I at the detail, the workmanship, the quality of the piece, I was hesitant about ordering it..Why you ask?  Well, it looked too good to be true that’s why, especially at the price point listed……

Well, my hesitation was short lived, off I went to the site, clicked on pre-order and voila!  Its done, although I had some difficulty getting a confirmation which resulted in an email to Asmus toys, they did respond promptly and assured me all was well. It appears this collectible is causing quite a stir on their page and causing disruptions in the ordering process…Well of course, its Thorin Oakeknshield, King under the Mountain, and a gorgeous one at that……

So if you’d like to see this “work of art”  just click here…, if you wish to order, understand their site is experiencing some difficulties, but you can see why…Now I wait, along with others for the King to arrive, but I’ll have time to find the best place to display him while I  wait……….



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