Interview with the Armitage courtesy of Irish Telly…

The interviewer, Lorraine, is just adorable as well and Richard Armitage seems so relaxed and happy, and a tad bubble as well…I’m loving the look, especially the longer locks and beard….He looks healthy and settled these days, and I’m happy for him…



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The Blazing: A Vampire YouTube Trailer

From a friend.If you like the vampire genre and Richard (A), you’ll love this……..I did……

Buffy The Author

I am very excited to announce and promote the release of The Blazing: A Vampire Story Book Trailer!

It’s just been a few months since the release of my new book and, so far, everyone who’s read it has loved it. I am over the moon with happiness. I am right in the middle of writing the first sequel and I cannot wait to share what happens next in Viveca’s and Richard’s story. Thank you all for your good wishes and support. You all mean the world to me.

And now….The Blazing: A Vampire Story Trailer:


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Wow……This is amazing……

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Sad news today………..

Christopher Tolkien Passes Away at the Age of 95

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Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Cast..

I am still hopeful for this series despite the unrest in some fan circles about the casting..Lets all step back and wait to see how it progresses…I remain excited…


Amazon Officially Announces Lord of the Rings Series Cast

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There are no words needed……………nor trousers

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Silly man, of course he’s a hotty…

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