Berlin Memories courtesy of Mr. Armitage

Goodbye Daniel and crew…………….

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Berlin Station

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The Stranger on Netflix …… Filming starts

I honestly am looking forward to The Stranger, casting leaves me a little deflated, but sometimes it works out and turns out to be a great watch……However its an Armitage vehicle, so I’m on it !


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The Photo Loot from #RDC5 [part 4]

This gallery contains 16 photos.

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Ok, please don’t get excited. I am fully aware that my pictures aren’t really that great. I’ve seen much better ones, taken from much closer up. But I have decided to follow up the first…

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Strung Out and Hung on a Chain – RA’s Q&A1 at #RDC5 [part 3]

Sharing again from a twitter friend who was at RDC5…..Thank you…

Guylty Pleasure

Sorry for the silence. Unlike previous encounter experiences, this time I am not in need of long processing time. The processing – or “letting it settle” as we call it so appropriately in German – happened very quickly, not least thanks to constant counselling via my con companion, Kate. And boy, yes, I am all for “stringing it out and hanging you out on a chain”. As in: slow drip-feeding of information to draw it all out as long as possible. Because the next drought is coming soon 😉 Not from me, but certainly as soon as Richard goes back to filming. In any case, my silence is really due to my inability to decide what you would like to read first. A whole chronological run-through? Some subjective critique of my first con ever? Notes on fandom? Plain old photos and shut-the-fuck-up Guylty? Or news, straight from the horse’s mouth?…

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[Some of ] The PictureS of Richard Armitage – #RDC5 [part 2]

Sharing from a friends blog……….This is awesome

Guylty Pleasure

Hello hello hello. I know you are waiting for a proper write-up of the con. Since the write-up still isn’t ready (not for lack of processing – I am done with that – but for lack of time), I thought I’d at least post some pretty pictures. You know how extra critical I am of my photos. And this occasion is no exception. But I have reasons. Not least because I have seen absolutely wonderful, stunning pictures of Richard at RDC5 posted on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Please do search out those fans and give them some love if you like their pictures. They are much better than mine could ever be. Not necessarily for superior skills or better equipment, but for a better vantage point. I will explain more of that when I get to my write-up, but the caveat for today’s quick picture post is that I shot…

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The Picture of Richard Armitage – #RDC5 [part 1]

The man, like fine wine, just gets better with age! Borrowed from a fellow fan……….

Guylty Pleasure

You know what’s coming, don’t you? If you’ve followed me for a while through Berlin, London, Leeds and New York, then you know that I need time to process. Today is day 1 after the con – and I am still reeling. But I am also sitting in a hotel lobby in London, killing time until I catch my plane this evening. And as luck would have it, I found something in the waste paper basket of my hotel reception. Looks as if a reporter from a quality tabloid was staying here, too. And I have their scoop.

Shocking? Yeah. Here’s the evidence in bigger version:

I’ll talk to you later!

PS: I’m in love.

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Spoilers……………….For real….Spoilers

For those wondering if the amazing Mr. Armitage will make a miraculous recovery? ….Well, Michele Forbes kind of makes it official concerning Daniel in Berlin Station..

Unless of course, they are all in on a conspiracy, a sort of JR Ewing waking up and everything was a bad dream……………………………………….Doubtful here….


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