Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Final Breakthrough Has Been Made #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

So amazing and well done by all !!

Guylty Pleasure

O-M-G! I can’t believe it!

You have reacted beautifully to my post from last night. No sooner had I posted, and the top-ups came pouring in. We have made it!!!

Thanks and congratulations to all of you. You deserve that kiss!

And confession: I got my calculations wrong last night (not an accountant, as I said…) and had not taken all deductions into account when I suggested that we were only €100 off the mark 😬. Massive apologies. However, the additional 31 contributions to the tune of €550 did the trick, not even counting my future “even number top-up”. We have most definitely breached the €5,000 mark. (And if the donations hadn’t done it, I would’ve paid up myself.)

Anyway, you are absolutely amazing!

I can’t thank you enough. As it stands, all funds from eBay and Etsy have already arrived in my account. I have initiated the transfer of…

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Ebay Done, Etsy Closed, Donations Still Open… And a First Ballpark Figure


Guylty Pleasure

Good evening. I feel a bit Guylty guilty for not having been back with more updates yet. I have spent pretty much all of the last three days organising, picking and packing the orders. At this stage, all bar *one* eBay shipments have been dispatched to the buyers and they should have received notifications via eBay. My batch of Etsy purchases has also been dispatched, except for the last four orders that need some extra care (because I have to pack breakable items), as well as some items that are sent directly by the donor. Notifications have been sent through Etsy, too.

So with still a few shipments outstanding, I have not got the final postage deductions yet. But since auctions and sale are finished, I know that you are dying to know how much money we have raised through eBay and Etsy. I will therefore give you a…

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War in Europe

This is so tragic! Can we not just live in peace?

The Book of Esther

…. again…. Russia invaded the Ukraine today. When will people ever learn to not make war? And how can Vladimir Putin be stopped? I despair.

About this artwork

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LOTR on Prime, I must say my interest is getting peaked… September cannot arrive soon enough..


These posters are amazing.. Enjoy

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Guest Post: The Jacket™️’s New Owner in Their Own Words

What a nice read from the bidder than won the leather jacket from RA’s wardrobe of his Robin Hood days… Beautifully said and I for one, am very happy for her..

Guylty Pleasure

When The Jacket™️ was sold in our recent RA50 fundraiser, many of you expressed concern whether the coveted item would be going to a good home. I had decided right from the start thatI would not disclose the identity of the buyer or reveal any particulars other than that they were a fan. Over the last while I have been in regular contact with the buyer – over some delays concerning the shipment, and was delighted when they suggested a guest post with some insights into their motivation for their generous contribution. Without further ado, here are their own words…

Let me start with an apology – that’s a very British thing, right? This missive became much longer than originally intended. I often unwisely fail to follow the advice that less is more. Also, my discussion on why I bid on the jacket has a bit of Public…

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The Big Reveal #RA50Auctions

Guylty Pleasure

It’s two weeks until the auctions kick off our birthday fundraiser. After all the hints and teasing, it’s now time to reveal the surprise item that Richard has contributed to our fundraiser. I’ll spare you more intro, I know you are itching to find out… Despite all the teasing, I actually did think of you all when I unpacked the parcel – and I made a video of the unwrapping so that I can bring you along.

WORD OF WARNING: Please make sure you are sitting before you continue, put your drinks down and keep the smelling salts close by. I take no responsibility for any choking or spilled drinks! 😉

Are you still alive? Able to speak again? Yeah, took me a moment, too.

Maybe this close-up of the leather didn’t help, either. Yeah. Right.

Well, *we* are not unhappy that Richard has passed on Guy’s jacket for the…

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I must say……………its about time

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Lordy me

Amidst everything happening in the world today, this little diddy pops up yesterday to make everyone smile, everyone feel happy, everyone once again hopeful, that it will be alright………This man has that affect on a lot of us and I must say, I am one of them..I’ve watched this simple little clip a few times and each time it transports me back to a “normal” time, a less stressful time, a more fun time…..

But enough from me droning on about it, just enjoy and I hope it makes you all giggly as well….


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Interview with the Armitage courtesy of Irish Telly…

The interviewer, Lorraine, is just adorable as well and Richard Armitage seems so relaxed and happy, and a tad bubble as well…I’m loving the look, especially the longer locks and beard….He looks healthy and settled these days, and I’m happy for him…



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The Blazing: A Vampire YouTube Trailer

From a friend.If you like the vampire genre and Richard (A), you’ll love this……..I did……

Buffy The Author

I am very excited to announce and promote the release of The Blazing: A Vampire Story Book Trailer!

It’s just been a few months since the release of my new book and, so far, everyone who’s read it has loved it. I am over the moon with happiness. I am right in the middle of writing the first sequel and I cannot wait to share what happens next in Viveca’s and Richard’s story. Thank you all for your good wishes and support. You all mean the world to me.

And now….The Blazing: A Vampire Story Trailer:


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