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Thorin Oakenshield: A Warrior In the Norse Vein

Originally posted on susanmesser7:
I recently returned from seeing “The Hobbit” for the third time.  Being a Tolkien scholar, there is obviously no shortage of themes which this film delves into which would fail to inspire me. This evening, however, I…

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Teaser Apotheosis – BOTFA Trailer

Originally posted on Armitage Agonistes:
I should leave this to the experts: the TORn and Middle Earth News folk and other Tolkienites, the Armitage analysts – but I must speak and have my say about the stupendous BOTFA trailer. Teaser.…

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An Open Letter to Peter Jackson

Originally posted on RAFrenzy:
November 3, 2014 Sir Peter Jackson Wingnut Films Wellington, NZ Re: Kiwi Dwarf Cast’s Inclusion in the BOFA World Premiere Dear Sir Peter: This last weekend I wasn’t sure what to think about the BOFA premiere…

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