Teaser Apotheosis – BOTFA Trailer

Armitage Agonistes

I should leave this to the experts: the TORn and Middle Earth News folk and other Tolkienites, the Armitage analysts – but I must speak and have my say about the stupendous BOTFA trailer.

Teaser. Yes.

If the Trailer is an indication, all signs point to a Thorin-packed film. In under 2 ½ minutes, I counted 13 times that Thorin was shown in the trailer, and I think  at least 4 times, maybe 5,  when other characters were speaking to him but Thorin was not in the shot. Compare this to Thranduil, and Bilbo, who are each seen or heard only about 6 times in the trailer, with a heavy emphasis on scenes or dialogue delivered to Thorin.

Thus, it seems that Peter Jackson’s comments, that  in between battle scenes, this film is also about the downward spiral of Thorin Oakenshield, and his later redemption, will be borne out. This is…

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