Just my thoughts on the last trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy…bear with me if you read this.

Part 1..

The Hobbit has always been my favorite book since I first picked it up at age 9..As an adult, I read it every year,and every year I feel differently, take a little something from this book that I did not before…So imagine my delight when roughly 17 years ago, a director named Peter Jackson was going to attempt a Tolkein book to film, not my book mind you, which disappointed me, but excited I was none the less….Now I believe all things happen for a reason, so remember I said that as I drone on here, all things happen for a reason..

LOTR was a fantastic journey, I own the books, I own all the films, and the EE versions as well, we do movie marathons, several times a year..It never gets old, it is just as good the 100th time as it was the first…..My favorite character?  Aragon. Brave, loyal, humble, strong,  but with issues, honorable, noble, a warrior and handsome as hell….LOTR was beautifully done, well acted, perfectly cast and the scenery was to die for…well done on all accounts… But I waited, perhaps one day…

And then it happened, news that the same director, Peter Jackson  was taking The Hobbit to film. Finally my favorite book would come to life on the big screen…finally I would see my Dwarves, with Bilbo and Gandalf,  journey through Middle Earth to complete the quest, for the Dwarves to regain their homeland, Erebor….Ahhhh, Erebor….

And so, as with LOTR, I avoided any news stories, pictures, commercials, magazines that had anything to do with the making of the Hobbit…I did not go to the movies for 6 months before so as to avoid trailers for The Hobbit…Then, the opening day came, midnight show and I sat with anticipation,grasping my hubby’s hand, nervous,  figeting in my seat next to “Gandalf”…Opening nights are loaded with cosplays, some were awesome, some not so much …it was very interesting to say the least…

The lights dimmed, the theater went quiet, the music began.. Then the movie started, there was the older Bilbo and Frodo (?), the flashbacks to Erebor (it was beautiful I thought), and young Bilbo……..as I pictured him !  Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, they kept coming…..they were perfect, the singing, the ale-ing, shenanigans..loved it…Then the knock at the door…”He is here”  The door opened and there stood Thorin, my Thorin, my favorite character from my favorite book…Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of The Company, I was mesmerized..”Gandalf” he said….That voice, that face, who was the actor portraying  the Dwarf Prince?



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