Just my thoughts on the Hobbit….Part two

Now, The Desolation of Smaug…While not my favorite of the three films, it was fun to watch the Dwarves in The Woodland realm, Thorin up against the Elf King, the barrel scene was a hoot to watch, and Laketown was kind of cool….Watching the Dwarves run around in Erebor was fun, however, I was disappointed in this film for a couple of reasons..Keeping in mind The Hobbit is my favorite book, and Thorin my favorite character, this film kind of left me thinking, what the heck?  Not sure of the reasoning behind Turiel, nothing against Evangeline Lily, nor the inclusion of Legolas, none of whom were in the book, other than the fact that the “money people” wanted them there in the film…That’s okay, but when you have to eliminate key characters time in the film to “add to the screenplay” because someone says so, I just do not agree…

I was really angry that Beone’s character was all but a fleeting moment in DOS, that character deserved so much more, and is key in BOFA, so that really left me a tad unhappy and besides, that  character is pretty cool one…Richard Armitage as Thorin,  was excellent as usual, a commanding presence up on the screen, he screams “watch me” and I did, we all did..Martin Freeman, Bilbo, was most excellent and what can one say about Sir Ian McKellan? Luke Evans as Bard, Stephen Fry and Ryan Gage rounded out the crew nicely…

Seriously, this cast was perfect, the acting superb, the scenery unreal, and this film DOS, while a little disappointing in its handling of key characters, the addition of an unnecessary “love triangle” and overly long run time, was still a decent film to watch…..Not my fave of the three, but still a good movie.  And of course, Richard Armitage  🙂 *sigh .. So perfect as Thorin…


Part 3……….The Battle of the Five Armies….Just watched my BluRay DVD gain, still an emotional journey for me….This entry will be a tough one for me when it happens …Peace


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2 Responses to Just my thoughts on the Hobbit….Part two

  1. Servetus says:

    I liked TDOS more, the more I saw it, and I actually am the only person I know who liked the action ending. That said, I did not like Tauriel. One. bit.

  2. Tessa says:

    Not a Turiel fan..not necessary to the story….No need for the “female elf”…I did like the ending of DOS, enjoyed the EE version more..

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