New Richard Armitage Interview About Hannibal

I look forward to Mr. Armitage in a role he will more than likely be superb in…His portrayal of a “crazed Thorin” gave us insight into how “insanely sinister” he can be…

Armitage Agonistes

here – sent to me by Micra.


He continued, “I suddenly realized that I was going back on something that I’d said a long time ago, which was that one of the genres I probably won’t do is horror. But I just didn’t see [the role of Dolarhyde] as horror, and I then went and watched Hannibal seasons one and two. To me it sort of sits in a very interesting place, it’s the horror genre but there’s something beautifully decadent and gothic about the way that it’s shot, and the performances are extraordinary.”

It sounds as though Armitage found his way to being a Fannibal in the same way that so much of Hannibal’s audience did – through the intense beauty of the show’s design and the trippy fusion between reality and psychology. And, as Armitage said, the performances are fantastic as well.

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