Limerick: Deleted Tweets

Ahh Mr. A…..Tweet, de-tweet, what does it matter..This limerick though, is great 🙂


When Armitage joined Twitter, many were amazed

But in the past 10 months, many eyebrows were raised

I debated writing a spoof

About the mysterious goof

As his patterns are becoming quite crazed!

Yes, it seems that Richard has developed a new sport:

He’ll tweet this or that, then spontaneously abort!

When a notification arrives

Better screen cap and archive

Because the duration of his post is frequently short!

As a matter of fact, I’ve lost track of the numbers

Cosplayers, remarks, and selfies have gone under

Only one thing is sure

His reasoning is obscure

But it stirs speculation about whether he’s blundered.

In fact if I spoofed this I’d be tempted to write

Words that might very well cause the fandom to fight

Because some will defend

Even the strangest of trends

Like Tweet-Delete-Repeat-Now-Pretend-It’s-Out-of-Sight!

Once in awhile, these deletions make sense…

(Or at least amongst ourselves, we try…

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