Richard Armitage Introduces a Discussion about Cyberbullying Prevention/Mitigation–And He Gets Everyone Talking, June 14, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #766)

Something About Love (A)

I read with interest Richard Armitage’s far ranging introductory essay “The Human 2015--RichardArmitagePortrait2012-w-his-TheHumanCondition-and-SocialMediaEssay_Jun1315TheCybersmileFoundation-sized-wURLCondition and Social Media” that opens up a discussion about preventing and mitigating cyberbullying –or just bullying in general–via his newly minted Goodwill Ambassador status with The Cybersmile Foundation (portrait image right is by Robert Ashcroft from 2012, also found here at RANet). Some people/fans liked what Richard Armitage wrote, or not. Some people/fans liked how he wrote it, or not. That’s human nature. But Mr. Armitage has gotten everyone talking about the issues surrounding preventing and mitigating cyberbullying–and that can’t be a bad thing.

And in reading several varying opinions on different blogs about the Richard Armitage Essay, I appreciate their thoughtful comments positive/negative, good/bad as an aggregate. So what follows is by no means a compendium of all opinions, just me picking a few blog essays that reflected differing opinions that

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