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One photo….many feelings…………….


chop2bYeah, so I came across this photo of Richard Armitage as Chop in the (hopefully soon-to-be-released) Urban and The Shed Crew yesterday, and I’m sure most of the fandom has seen it and grasped the eye-pleasing overall composition, the emotional impact of the separation between mother, son and father-figure, and most especially, the Drool-Worthiness of that long frame leaning up against the wall. It’s one of my favorite images, ever. I wonder if this is a scene from the movie, or more of a promotional shot? Whichever it is, it has successfully upped my anticipation and revved my engines!

chop2aI’m sure if I was Frazer Kelly’s mom, my fawning attention would be drawn to how cute my son looked in his role as Urban in this photo, leaning back against Chop, hands in pockets and legs crossed in subconscious imitation of the father figure. It really is an evocative picture…

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