The Hobbit :The Battle of Five Armies

So, it will be almost  year on the 12th of December that this film hit the bring screen, and I still get quite teary watching it, especially the Extended version….So, here goes….

Despite the amount of CGI, despite the fact that it deviated so much from the book, despite the fact the ending was a tad disappointing for us “readers”, I thought PJ did a bang up job with this last installment of the trilogy..He was under a lot of pressure, had no prep time, thanks to WB, but all in all, I liked it..There were parts of this film I did not care for and were not necessary, but its done, its been hashed about, is over…We all know what they were…So moving on…….

There is no doubt in my mind that Richard Armitage ruled this last film, he was sinister and “crazed” to the point some of it was hard to watch..His facial expressions, his eyes, his screen presence was incredible, he “commanded” that you focus on him, and we did, I did…The way he could turn off the crazy and in the blink of an eye, turn it back on again was just……….amazing.  A superb and proper choice of an actor to play my favorite character from my favorite book…A perfect performance by an extremely gifted and passionate actor, I felt blessed to watch his performance…..

And then there was Martin Freeman, another actor perfectly cast to play opposite Richard Armitage…He was the perfect Bilbo Baggins, the perfect counterpart to Thoriin Oakenshield…It as a joy to watch these two meander through the three films, argue, fight and become friends, all watched over by Gandalf,  splendidly portrayed by Sir Ian McKellan. These three fine actors made these films, along with the Dwarf cast and Luke Evans enjoyable to watch, over and over again..I was hooked the second Gandalf opened Bilbo’s front door…..

Would I have been happier sticking a little closer to the book?  Yes, especially in the treatment of Fili and Kili and their deaths, they deserved so much better, they deserved their “hero’s ending”…They deserved to die as they did in the book, defending their Uncle, the brave, courageous young Durins that they were….

Oh well, perhaps one day, another EE version will be released, one with all the footage that still was not in this EE version sitting on my shelf but was talked about by the cast..And you know what, I’d buy a ticket to see it on the big screen, “One Last Time”…….1608e92f075772b5b425e755e85c9cc3

PS…..Look at this man, this actor…Look at his eyes………Its incredible, He IS incredible……..He is Thorin Oakenshield


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3 Responses to The Hobbit :The Battle of Five Armies

  1. Teuchter says:

    Beautifully written and absolutely spot on. And you are SO right! He truly was/is Thorin Oakenshield. An outstanding performance and as one of the Kiwi actors (apologies; his name just escapes me for the moment) said, “Genius casting”!! I’m just sad there is no new Middle Earth movie to attend this Christmas.
    Can I just add, I’d love to be the person holding his head there! That scene always makes me cry as he plays the moment so perfectly. No wonder he wanted the sound people to get it the first time so he didn’t have to repeat it!

    • Tessa says:

      I am so glad they “got it right” the first time, I don’t think he could have done it a second time…This one scene, this final scene, had him so anxious to do it right..I remember him saying he knew he “had to do” this scene, anticipated it, yet was concerned about it as well….He was awesome, I cry every single time I watch the film….Thank you for your comment

  2. Perry says:

    Thanks for this – especially that fabulous screen shot.

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