so deserving is this man, this actor

So today, The Critics Choice Awards presented their nominees, and our man has been nominated for Best Actor, Drama Series for Hannibal !!1  So deserving is her of this award…I watched Hannibal when it first debuted, got through Season 2 and then just could not view more..It was a beautifully done show, but I am not a blood and gore person….However, when Richard Armitage was cast as the “Tooth Fairy”, Francis Dolarhyde, I watched, and I was so very glad that I did..

His performance was sinister, calculating, scary and chilling, yet he also made me want to hug him and tell him all would be well…So Armitage indeed, to take such a loathsome character and make us “feel” sorry for him, want to help him, want to forgive him…He was brilliantly evil in this role to the point where I watched with every light on in the room……He so deserves to win this award. he was exceptional in the role…..Good luck and all the best to you Mr. Richard Armitage…..



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  1. The gif you attached was, for me, one of the most chilling moments. Richard ceases to be himself. He disappears to the point of being unrecognizeable. Up to that point, I could still see him in Dolarhyde.

    I, too, ran through the full gambit of emotions he inspired as Dolarhyde, but once he goes after Will’s family, his “becoming” is irrevocable and Dolarhyde disappears almost completely. Richard gave a brilliant performance and, I believe, one that will be touted as the go-to performance for Red Dragon for generations to come! 😊

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