Berlin Station,Pilgrimage, Urban Grimshaw……

I have been in Armitage with drawl for a while now, reading every tid bit of news about projects that have been completed, are in post production, looking for a distributor, finished….Yet still we wait to see these completed projects , hoping every day to hear news… I just don’t get it, or I am just of a simpler mind?  Its finished, fans are waiting, lets see it !  We all know his projects are bankable, his fans will flock to the vendor/theater/bookstore offering his work……and still we wait…

I personally think Berlin Station will be airing before anything else, and I must admit, this Epix endeavor has me counting the days already and its not due until November….

Pilgrimage also has me super excited, even though I’ve read his role is not all that involved, but watch I will anyway….

Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew is THE film I am very anxious to see. Having read the book, I am highly anticipating Richard Armitage as Chop, along with Frazer Kelly and Anna Friel….All the comments from movie goers who were blessed to see the film at the Leeds International Film Festival were positive,  all loved the film….My fingers and toes are still crossed for this one….

So, I wait, we wait for the release of one of the completed projects from this amazing actor, this kind, humble and caring man….Guess I will just have to keep re-watching The Hobbit, Vicar of Dibley, North and South, Robin Hood , Sparkhouse, even Hannibal when I need an “Armitage Fix” and watch for those Twitter selfies that seem to post just when we all need “a fix”….



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One Response to Berlin Station,Pilgrimage, Urban Grimshaw……

  1. Teuchter says:

    My sentiments exactly!! Just as well we have such “gold” to re-watch – and I do! Over and over and…

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