The “Armitage’s” Pending Projects

As has been the case these past several months, news articles concerning upcoming Richard Armitage films have been all over social media…However to me these are just teasers concerning his completed projects, informing us of ADR work, teaser pictures, and finally, a Pilgrimage “article” saying there is no date of release anywhere at this point for 2016….Oh how I wish “they” would stop and just post/sneak a picture when there is actually something to report…Am I sounding bitchy?  I hope not, just tired of posts that tell me nothing………

Now, Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew……Probably will never see a theater release, and that is more than likely because of the subject matter…..It would take a distributor with big “Kahonies” to take this film and run with despite the rave reviews of those blessed to have seen it in Leeds….I have messaged the director and the social its media pages concerning progress, but have heard nary a word….So we wait, we all wait for “his” completed projects to be seen and drink up any little tidbits of news while we do so….However one thing is for sure, EPIX will deliver on Berlin Station, and that we can be sure of, but we must wait until November and until then enjoy the pictures of this production shared by staff and cast……..

So, I guess it will be Spooks I shall start watching again, as I pert near wore out The Hobbit, North and South and Robin Hood…….Bring on Lucas North !!


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