Such a nice Valentine gift…

So, how nice was it to see  new pictures of Richard Armitage, in Berlin, at a film festival? He not only looks great, he looks comfortable, happy, confident, self aware and  classy, a true British gentleman by all regards…So starved are we of his presence on screen, big or small, that a few new pictures of our guy makes twitter all aflutter…..Makes a Sunday brighter, better, warmer, happier and just more pleasant…How can one man do this?  How does one wield this power and why?  How?

I honestly do not know, perhaps it is because this passionate, talented yet humble man seems so “real” to us, so honest and “human”..He glides through crowds of his fans, signing, chit chatting, taking pictures like he is the guy  next door….If only yes?  He seems genuine, doesn’t put on airs, think he is better, or is  beyond those of us who happily belong to his “army”….

Whatever the reason, these few new pictures made this Valentine’s day more memorable, nothing against my hubby who is my best friend, and special..

So Mr. Armitage, I do hope your Valentine’s Day was as special for you as it was for us…And thank you for attending that film festival so new pictures could surface….

Much love and hugs to you and yours….




About Tessa

Artsy fartsy floral designer for ............well, lets just say a long time..
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One Response to Such a nice Valentine gift…

  1. jholland says:

    Yeah, I was just thinking how few and far between the pictures have become… and then this! Looking very dapper… whew!

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