More recognition for this fine actor…

A very BIG and HARDY CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Armitage for another Saturn award, two in a row, for his role as Francis Dohlarhyde in the television series Hannibal…You may remember he won last year for his role as Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit, The Battle of Five Armies….Nice to see someone paying attention to the detail this man puts into the roles he plays..

Richard Armitage is a gifted, talented, dedicated man to his craft, it is a joy to watch him sink his teeth into the roles he plays (no pun intended), especially the “gritty” ones..His portrayal of Francis in Hannibal made us cry a little, sympathize a little, cringe a lot, but wanna hug this sinister serial killer all at the same time…He deserved this award as he did for last years win for The Battle of Five Armies, two different characters, two amazing roles and interpretations…

I applaud you Mr. Armitage, and cannot wait to see you on the stage in New York City..Although that has not been “formally” announced, despite the fact that a lot of his Army have already purchased tickets …..Including me..12662674_1002740463115462_7821959275068460995_n

All the best to you for continued successes in the coming years !


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