Help! #RichardArmitage Is Stuck in a Time Warp!

Guylty Pleasure

I don’t really know why I look at the blurbs that are written about RA for the projects he’s involved in. After all I have familiarised myself with obsessed over his career for a number of years now. Whether it is the press kit for BS or the Who’s Who for LLL, I guess I peek in, because I wonder against all odds whether there is a new snippet of career facts in there.

But no, big surprise, RA can’t change the past. No previously-unheard-of projects come to light. But it seems he lives firmly in the past: Both CV blurbs cited above appear to be rooted in a time-warp, circa late 2015…


Hm. Who writes these things? They look very much alike, although the BS blurb is more up-to-date than LLL‘s. I suppose, these little details are only picked up by obsessive nutcases people familiar with the Armitage oeuvre. And…

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