With all the hoopla over a little interview Richard Armitage did ….

I was not going to say a thing about the fan reaction to his interview concerning the “Stage”door” and how he feels about it….without going into a great deal about, some fans were angry at the fact that he is not comfortable with the Stage door, but he considers it a necessary part of his job so as to put people in the seats, and that’s what its all about….Some feel like he is using his fans as a commodity for the soul purpose of selling tickets…

Well………………..yes,  that is it exactly…As a fandom, a member of his army, we do support the projects he is involved in and that involves buying tickets and filling a seat, whether it be in a movie theater or at a live theater event, yes?  Buying posters, tee shirts, dvds, books, magazines, its all the same yes?  So to get ones panties in a bunch because you feel offended by some of the things he said in that interview, remember one thing, WE follow him, WE admire him for who  is and what he does, its not the other way around..I feel blessed to watch this man and the projects he chooses to take on, he is so gifted yet remains humble and kind.

I was blessed to see the LoveLoveLove play twice, caught him twice at stage door where he was obviously tired, yet jovial, chatty with us, polite, sweet, kind and accommodated as many fans as he could…But lets be clear, he does not have to do the Stage Door, he does have a loyalty/appreciation to his fans, he has stated it many times….But honestly folks, when you leave your job for the day, don’t you want to go home, get comfy and chill? So does he, so appreciate the fact that he does it, and be thankful if you were one of the lucky people to see this man up close and personal because he is stunning………………………and smells great too..

You can read the article here…….


PS….I will gladly fill a seat to watch this man do what he loves to do any time he wants to do it……..#ArmtiageArmyimg_0530


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5 Responses to With all the hoopla over a little interview Richard Armitage did ….

  1. RAmused says:

    And I will gladly travel across country again to fill that seat. I think unless you’ve seen him live you cannot really understand the amount of focus and energy he puts into each line, each movement, each character. It’s one thing to read about it in the commentaries from his costars and directors, it’s another thing to witness it in action.

    • Tessa says:

      Aye, I agree with you 100%… At the end of our day, we all want to go home, he choses to see his fans… I’ve no problem putting my butt in a seat either…

  2. Teuchter says:

    Sorry to be this late to the party but have to say I agree wholeheartedly with what you have said/written. I would dearly love to have the opportunity to see Richard in RL – whether on the stage or at a stage door, across the street or whatever, but for various reasons – age/health/financial etc., I have come to realize that this is likely something that will not happen for me. EVER. I would be more than content if I was fortunate enough to see him on stage so if I did, the fact that I would not see him at a stage door afterwards would be the least of my worries. The fact that he has done so, so many times, is amazing to me. So to those of you who have had this privilege just let me say – and I say emphatically that this is NOT a criticism – you are more fortunate than you know. I wish I could have the chance but TBH I am blessed by just seeing him, even it it’s in a picture! He has done wonders for me over the past 11 plus years and I will always be thankful for him. I hope you were as close to him as the picture implies to be able to say. “…and smells great too.” !!! 😉

  3. Tessa says:

    Oh yes, I was that close and he was sweet, jovial, chatty, kind and quite stunning..I was blessed to be so close that yes, he did smell amazing…He signed my WEE Thorin and I was so nervous I was shaking, he had to steady my hand to sign…It was an experience I will long remember and cherish

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