A little act of kindness can go a long way…


I have a dear, sweet friend whom I have never met, who lives across “The Pond” in a country that I hope one day to visit…She has struggles that perhaps others have as well, yet is always kind, sweet and truly caring of her friends…As of late, her struggles have been intense and its hard to not be able to give her a hug, share a cup of tea, talk it out whilst looking at her face…she is a brave soul, a stubborn soul, and I know she can and will get through this, as she has friends that truly care, albeit we are far away…

But this time twas different, she was quiet, distant and in pain so I decided it was time to try something, try sending a Wee bit of love to her…..In a previous conversation, she had mentioned she loves the stories and “adventures” I post of my Wee Thorin and how she hopes one day to find one for herself, but they are truly hard to find….However, I did and ………..

A Wee Thorin found its way to my friend across “The Pond”, he was lost for over a week , but did manage to arrive safely the other day and I must say,  I could “hear” the smile in her post, “feel” the change in her mood, see the surprise on her face when she posted she had finally received and unwrapped her “Wee” bit of happiness…..I cried when I read her blog, and her posts to know that something so small could make her smile sooo big….

My point here is, we are all on this planet together, we are all in this together, we are brothers and sisters no matter the color of our skin, our religious beliefs, our country of origin…We all should care about one another, help where and when we can, give of our time, ourselves or money when we can, because a simple act of kindness, sent to someone we may never meet, can cause a ripple effect in their lives, and perhaps even save one, or in the very least, make one smile when they haven’t for a while….

So, my lovely, dear friend across the Pond, it was my pleasure and honor to find that “Wee” bit of love and send him on his “Unexpected Journey” to your loving arms in a land far away and make you smile when I know its been hard to….Merry Christmas my bonnie friend, may the New Year find you happier, healthier and on “Wee” adventures together…HUGS


About Tessa

Artsy fartsy floral designer for ............well, lets just say a long time..
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3 Responses to A little act of kindness can go a long way…

  1. Teuchter says:

    From your use of the words “wee and “bonnie” I’m guessing either you or your friend are Scottish as I am. What a lovely thing to do for her. Wee Thorin looks pretty comfy on that bed!! 😉

  2. Tessa says:

    Keen eye..Love my Crabbies and…………………..I am in the USA, she is across the pond…..It was a simple thing to do for a friend in need of a smile, and something else to focus on….The hardest part was finding the Wee Thorin…Thank you for your kind words…….Merry Christmas

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