So, about this Oceans Eight thing…..

First off, anytime Mr. Armitage is on the screen or stage, I’ll plant myself in a seat to watch, sometimes this happens several times, as was with The Hobbit…..I was never a big fan of the “Oceans” movies with the men folk, but this is different and although I am not a huge fan of all female leads in this roundup, there some beautiful dogs and of course there’s Mr. Armitage, so a ticket I will buy..Hopefully the film will be good and his role a bit more than just a cameo..And yes I will buy the DVD when available and fast forward to his part, yes I do that if the film itself is lagging………………..sorry to say..

That being said, I am still hoping and praying to see some of the completed projects that are somewhere in limbo, ie., Urban Grimshaw, Brain on fire  (yes I know Netflix picked it up), Pilgrimage, Sleepwalker and I still have my fingers and toes crossed that he lands the role of Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts franchise….Apparently he is still being considered along with, some say the favorite, Jared Harris, son of Richard Harris, although Jared is 20 years older than the character….Guess we shall see….I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed anyway for that one.

Then there is “I could be on the stage sometime this year” thingy he threw out there in an interview, guess we may hear more at some point, but I’m guessing that one will be in England, at least that what the current buzz is….Again in a waiting pattern we fans are ….

Sometimes its hard being a fan of this man, we find ourselves in droughts for so long, a picture sends everyone into a tizzy, and god forbid there be a selfie or a tweet that can sometimes cause twitter to stop twittering…

So until then, the pictures, interviews, tweets and selfies will keep us going until the next project becomes available that will get our butts in a theater seat to watch our guy on the big screen…Until then, enjoy…..



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