Fan Forensics: #RichardArmitage -Vampire Hunter?

Hard to say if its his voice or not…..What say you ? Have a listen

Armitage Agonistes

This is one genre I’d hoped Richard Armitage would save me from having to watch, but:

A few sleuthing fans have uncovered what, though a long shot, might be a new project for Richard Armitage.

The vehicle is a new animated series adapted from a video game, coming to Netflix in July, titled Castlevania. 

The series stars Alejandra Reynoso and James Callis. Reynoso recently followed in succession on Twitter,  @JamesCallis and @RCArmitage – but also, apparently contemporaneously, @LeePace. In addition, some time ago @RCArmitage followed Callis ( thank you Micra)

Fans @VioletTDB, @Chrissyinwm and @Pimpi59 (Micra) are credited with unearthing the info. Take a listen and decide for yourself whether you think that’s Armitage’s voice at the end. IMDB does not have him listed. I agree with Micra, though, the speaker on the tape seems more like the hero than a cameo, so it’s hard to understand why Armitage would not…

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