“Castlevania”, another Richard Armitage vehicle? Hell YES !!

I played Castlevania quite some time ago and was rather intrigued by the idea of a live action animation version on NetFlix, most video games have not adapted well to the screen….But when it leaked that The Armitage and The McTavish were the main characters?  Well a must watch was indeed the only choice.

Let me just say, this first season was way too short, only four episodes, but worth every penny of my monthly subscription fee….

The character of Trevor Belmont, voiced by Richard Armtage is a hoot and I swear I can hear in his voice that he is having the time of his life in this role….It seems he is truly enjoying himself in the role of vampire hunter, which is fascinating to hear and watch….

Dracula, voiced by Graham McTavish, though not a lot of screen time in these first four episodes, was deep, gutteral and sinister, and evil, as Dracula should be….Here and there you could hear the Mr. McTavish that all grew to know and love from The Hobbit, and now here is  is voicing Count Dracula!

I have to say, the animation, coloring and motion in this series mimics what I remember of the game. However it is a bit more fluid, and it is amazing to see, hear and so well done..I was thrilled to see this type of animation still exists after so many years of “Disney” type animation..

Overall?  I loved the series, I loved the voice work of  Mr. Armitage and Mr. McTavish, its nice to see the two of them listed in the credits on the screen..It was amazing to watch, visually entertaining and worth every penny of my monthly subscription…If you are a true fan of Richard Armitage, get Netflix, you won’t regret it……..Already renewed for season 2 and it can’t start soon enough for me !







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