Happy Birthday Richard Armitage !


For every film you’ve made, for every audio book you narrated, for every theater performance we were blessed to see, for every television series you’ve done, for every time you stopped and signed, but especially for being kind enough to include us on the journey with you, I thank you and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!  I do hope you had a beautiful day spent with those you love and care for….And hopefully some cake and ice cream too…………….





About Tessa

Artsy fartsy floral designer for ............well, lets just say a long time..
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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Richard Armitage !

  1. Violet says:

    Truth! He has given us plenty. Let’s hope we can continue to give back through his charities and the support for his work.

    • Tessa says:

      As long as I am able I will support his charities and place my butt in a seat to watch this man work….He is one of a kind…Mom and Dad must be so proud of the man that is their son….

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