Martian Invasion w/ #RichardArmitage Is Released


Armitage Agonistes

Pretty good timing. It can wash away the bad taste some of us have from Wanderlust


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Fast and Furious with the Armitage of late…

A lot of news the past couple of days concerning The Armitage, the latest audio book (I chose to pass on that one), his casting in “The Lodge” posted today…Hmm, a horror film and here I thought he would do no horror.. Never say never Mr. A….AND, the release of The Wolverine, The Long Night trailer…LOVED it …….

Below is another link to the trailer and an article….Counting the days am I !

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Originally posted on The Book of Esther:
So, a first trailer has appeared of the upcoming Wolverine podcast where none other than Richard Armitage will be voicing Wolverine. Here’s the trailer, Richard can be heard several times, the first time…

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#RichardArmitage – Spin Master

I’m on the fence concerning this audio book……..

Armitage Agonistes

Interview BTS for Wanderlust. I’m just about an hour in.  More later.

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And so it goes with Mr. Armitage


“Please excuse my silence for a while. X ”


This latest tweet is concerning to me, as he does not usually post personal information…To me this sounds as if things are not progressing well with his Mum, or they did and she is recouping and he is there for support….Hoping for the later…..

As parents age,  it becomes very difficult for the children, we all know no one lives forever, yet it is heartbreaking to know decline is happening, we can do nothing but love and support them through the difficult times…..I know how he feels, I know what he/they are going through, I know it is difficult to face the inevitable with aging parents, but face it we must, but for Mr. A it is a bit different…

He knows he has the love and support of family and friends, but he also has the love and support of those in his fandom…Although we may not know him personally, we are there for him, we send him good wishes, thoughts and prayers hoping he will see them and feel the love coming his way and with it ease, even if its just a little, the pain in his heart we know he must be feeling….

So, Mr. Richard Armitage, we are thinking of you, we are sending prayers, posting good wishes to you, your Mum and family in what appears to be a difficult time…We understand your silence, we will be here to show our love and support, you just need to take care of yourself and your family, that is most important right now…God Bless you..




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Healthcare troubles abound everywhere I guess…….it should not be so…

.@theresa_may@Jeremy_Hunt My mother’s urgent surgery was cancelled for a second time yesterday. It may not seem like a crisis to you but many people feel they are on borrowed time. 

It was very sad to me to read this today….I know his parents are older and I have seen their pictures many times, but somehow this is still very sad to me…I know they were postponing/rescheduling non life threatening/elective surgery in Britain, but this does not appear to be what his mother was having…Fans from all over the world are offering their prayers and thoughts, and some are being asshats too…..
So, understand this !  This man is normally so very private concerning his family and friends, that it would appear the need is dire, or at least an important surgery that she needs, hence the reason for the post…I do hope they can reschedule his Mum, and any others that find themselves in the same boat as Mrs. Armitage, ones health should never be “postponed”, nor rescheduled for any reason…
My thoughts and prayers are with the Armitage family, and I pray all will be well for Mum…And as far as the asshats go, this could be your Mum, or Dad, so lighten up, yes?
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A Taste of #RichardArmitage from Big Finish Audio


Armitage Agonistes

bigfinishScreen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.01.36 PM

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