“Castlevania”, another Richard Armitage vehicle? Hell YES !!

I played Castlevania quite some time ago and was rather intrigued by the idea of a live action animation version on NetFlix, most video games have not adapted well to the screen….But when it leaked that The Armitage and The McTavish were the main characters?  Well a must watch was indeed the only choice.

Let me just say, this first season was way too short, only four episodes, but worth every penny of my monthly subscription fee….

The character of Trevor Belmont, voiced by Richard Armtage is a hoot and I swear I can hear in his voice that he is having the time of his life in this role….It seems he is truly enjoying himself in the role of vampire hunter, which is fascinating to hear and watch….

Dracula, voiced by Graham McTavish, though not a lot of screen time in these first four episodes, was deep, gutteral and sinister, and evil, as Dracula should be….Here and there you could hear the Mr. McTavish that all grew to know and love from The Hobbit, and now here is  is voicing Count Dracula!

I have to say, the animation, coloring and motion in this series mimics what I remember of the game. However it is a bit more fluid, and it is amazing to see, hear and so well done..I was thrilled to see this type of animation still exists after so many years of “Disney” type animation..

Overall?  I loved the series, I loved the voice work of  Mr. Armitage and Mr. McTavish, its nice to see the two of them listed in the credits on the screen..It was amazing to watch, visually entertaining and worth every penny of my monthly subscription…If you are a true fan of Richard Armitage, get Netflix, you won’t regret it……..Already renewed for season 2 and it can’t start soon enough for me !






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At the Weta Workshops in New Zealand, there is never a dull moment…………apparently

So, apparently they have been very busy at the Weta Workshops !!  I must say this looks pretty cool and I cannot wait to visit….You may have to cut and paste the link…..



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Fingers on Fire

The Book of Esther

So, yes, I finally got to see Brain on Fire last night! Found a way to watch it and I couldn’t resist… 🙂 Warning: some SPOILERS ahead, proceed at your own risk!

Brain on Fire tells the true story of young journalist Susannah Cahalan (Chloë Grace Moretz) who starts showing erratic behaviour, she deteriorates into psychoses, and is hospitalized while the doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with her. The movie is all about this deterioration process and the search for answers by her, her divorced parents Tom (Richard Armitage) and Rhona (Carrie-Anne Moss) and her boyfriend Stephen (Thomas Mann).

So, what did I think of the movie? The acting was fine, the camera really likes Richard Armitage (he gets some nice close-ups), Moretz did a decent job, Moss (under-used!) and Mann were good, but the story was… a little tedious. Can’t quite put my finger on it…

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Finally! #RichardArmitage listed in Castlevania Cast

A simple voice can send Twitter into a frenzy

Armitage Agonistes

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Fan Forensics: #RichardArmitage -Vampire Hunter?

Hard to say if its his voice or not…..What say you ? Have a listen

Armitage Agonistes

This is one genre I’d hoped Richard Armitage would save me from having to watch, but:

A few sleuthing fans have uncovered what, though a long shot, might be a new project for Richard Armitage.

The vehicle is a new animated series adapted from a video game, coming to Netflix in July, titled Castlevania. 

The series stars Alejandra Reynoso and James Callis. Reynoso recently followed in succession on Twitter,  @JamesCallis and @RCArmitage – but also, apparently contemporaneously, @LeePace. In addition, some time ago @RCArmitage followed Callis ( thank you Micra)

Fans @VioletTDB, @Chrissyinwm and @Pimpi59 (Micra) are credited with unearthing the info. Take a listen and decide for yourself whether you think that’s Armitage’s voice at the end. IMDB does not have him listed. I agree with Micra, though, the speaker on the tape seems more like the hero than a cameo, so it’s hard to understand why Armitage would not…

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I had the opportunity to see the film Pilgrimage at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City yesterday, my daughter tagged along…..I must say, after seeing the trailer, (something I rarely do as I like to go in “cold” to a film I am looking forward to seeing), I was thrilled with the entire experience…

First, the film was not what I expected for a “Historical fiction” set in 1290AD, it was so very  much better….Albeit a bit dark, very violent (as were the times) with torture scenes that made me cringe, I very much loved this film…It was well written, beautifully filmed, had exceptional acting and an amazing soundtrack to boot..

Tom Holland was very good in his role as the youngest Monk on this journey..Richard Armitage was incredibly sinister, but yet again made you “feel for him” despite the fact he was……well, no spoilers (and may I add twas nice to see him in armour and handling a sword again)..He never disappoints in any character he takes on, and he didn’t here as well, just amazing..

Jon Bernthal, with nay but one word in the entire film, conveyed through his facial expression, eyes and body language what the character was feeling every step of the way…Very well done by this actor whom I’ve followed since Walking Dead…..

We had a treat after the viewing, a Q and A with some of the cast, the writer and the director of the film, Tom Holland and Richard Armitage were not present..I’d no idea that was to happen, they answered questions asked by the audience for about 10 minutes….They did hang around after out in the foyer for pictures and the chit chat, which was really sweet…

All in all, without giving away any spoilers, this film was dark, intense, gorey in parts, violent, but all so well done..I cringed at times, was awestruck by scenery and soundtrack, shocked and saddened….

Pilgrimage is definitely a must see film for Armitage fans, this man, this actor never ceases to amaze me in any venue I am blessed to see him in, television, stage, or big screen…..You may be surprised at what you see, but you, if you are like me, will love him for it and enjoy watching him do what he does best..Oh, I almost forgot, my daughter loved the film as well, she was very impressed….

Pilgrimage will be released to theaters on August 11, 2017, and yes, I will go see it again and pre-order the DVD as soon as I can……


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Pilgrimage………………..Finally a chance to see this film and Richard Armitage of course, on the big screen…I must say this trailer is better than I expected…we have tickets for this film on Sunday at 7pm at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC….I must say I m excited…………..Enjoy the trailer if you have not seen it already…..I’ll report back after seeing it, but honestly, I really think its going to be good…really good

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