A tad put off am I……………..And I don’t mean to offend…

First off, let me say this…I am an American, born and raised and proud of this great country….I have in the past, taken part in protests and sit ins for civil rights, women’s rights, equal pay, abortion rights  (even though I have no idea why the government decided it needed to get involved) and only because I believed that decision is between a doctor and patient, PERIOD….I even got myself arrested at a sit in……yes I did…It was later expunged 🙂  I respect the opinions of others, I may not agree, but I respect them none the less, be they “commoners” or so called “celebrities” …That being said………………..

I did not see the tweets, deleted tweets, tweets again that occurred yesterday by “he who shall remain nameless”, although I am sure you all know of whom I speak…I respect this man, his kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness and generosity, not to mention his talent ..But a tweet that he made yesterday, I never saw it but a screen shot was sent to me, just hit me the wrong way……..The tweet “hurt” in so many ways, affected me in a way I just cannot shake, although today is a better day, but it still nags at me, and I don’t know why…

I will not post the screenshot unless pressed to do so, but to say “tonight I wish my feet were not on American soil” just seemed so……………………not him….seemed hurtful, and hurtful is not what this man does, its not his “way”….It bothered me so yesterday, last night and today, yet I am more inclined to believe, and I dearly hope so, that the statement was made from an aching heart, like my own, at the happenings in America. that he posted from the heart before his brain could catch up, which he,  as well as we all sometimes do……..So…………

I am not proud of what is going on in this great country of mine, I am not proud of those in government who let this continue in the manner that it is….I am however, proud to be an American, one of the thousands who voice our displeasure, one of the ones who want to welcome those who wish to live here for a better life.. How can a land founded by immigrants turn others away? Especially those who have the correct papers, did everything the way they should, and still get treated this way?  How can we turn away those that seek safety here from war torn countries, extreme poverty, countries where they are persecuted?  How can any human being turn these people away? They come here for a better life, to live their lives not in constant fear of bombings, murders, rapes…How can we turn them away? We can’t, we shouldn’t, we’re America.

So,  to the “one who shall remain nameless” and all those that say how we Americans should be ashamed? ..Know this, those of us who do not support Trump will continue to voice our displeasure, continue to protest, continue to be as loud and obnoxious as we can to be heard until things change..We are the people of the United States of America, a grand country filled with a loving, caring, generous people who will help whenever we are asked to, and fight for the rights of those of us who live here as well for those  who find it necessary to come here, now and in the future…Its what we do, its what we’ve always done..Its a big country, we have the room…….God Bless American….We got this!


(Climbing off my soap box now………………but one more tiny thing….If the circumstances had been reversed between our two countries, “oh one who shall remain nameless”,  I would never say “I wish my feet were not on British soil tonight”…..Because I know how hurt I felt yesterday, and I do not wish to make anyone feel that way. (I would just roll up my sleeves and help)…




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