Here’s Another Present for #RichardArmitage, With Love

So our guy had another birthday and this lovely lady organized another auction, gathered the donated items, kept track of all the bids invoiced everything out with the monies going to one of Mr. A’s charities….A round of applause for this fantastic individual ! Thank you sweetie, well done..

Guylty Pleasure

There’s no monetary value attached to birthday wishes – in the sense that they are priceless, cannot be measured in financial terms. And yet I have a number to announce here that you have been waiting for since this afternoon. Apologies for taking so long, sending the eBay invoices, monitoring the payments and filing the addresses of the winners with the correct items has taken up all this time, and there was that annoying thing called ‘editorial deadline’ that got into the way, too. Before I present you our final tally, may I urge you to find a comfortable seat, and possibly hold your jaws, ’cause they might drop.

Our combined total of the 2018 RA Birthday Auctions is…

Here’s a little breakdown:

We received donations to the tune of 393.50 EUR. The e-mail auction of the Custom RAPS ended at 130 EUR. And the total of the auctions on…

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